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BTAnálise - Cross Ange: Rondo of Fanservice - YouTube

Olá a todos e a todas.Meu nome é Bruno e este é o canal BTM.Neste vídeo, falarei um pouco sobre o anime “Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo (Rondo of Angel ...

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[First Impressions] – Cross Ange – Episode 1 | Mega Prince Ytay!

Again, Cross Ange is bold, has balls and isn’t afraid of showing repulsive, controversial stuff to it’s audiences. This takes fanservice to another level. Heck, it’s no longer fanservice anymore.

Cross Ange is an Anime that Goes From Abhorrent to Enjoyable

And while they haven't exactly shied away from adult themes in the past, Cross Ange is their first major attempt to present their signature mecha style with fanservice encroaching on every facet ...

Cross Ange is super serious, super ecchi – Fapservice

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Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo - MyAnimeList.net

Its ridiculous amounts of over the top fan service and emphasis on shock and awe scenes are legitimate lunacy. However, after the travesty that is the first few episodes a compelling story begins to rise from the muck that is Cross Ange and give people a legitmate reason to keep watching besides the fanservice and some some good mecha action.

Cross Ange - TV Tropes

If Cross Ange was a lighthearted mecha comedy loaded with fanservice, it would have been okay. On the other hand if it was a grim and serious "war is hell," "humans are bastards," and "You need to kill to live" story with the fanservice dialed back, that would have been okay too.

Cross Ange | Nekketsu Nikki

Anyway Cross Ange is great and you should watch it. You should watch it yourself instead of listening to people who say it’s full of sexual fanservice & misogynistic. It isn’t any more misogynistic than the majority of anime these days anyway.

GR Anime Review: Cross Ange : anime

How come Cross Ange is "depraved fanservice trainwreck" but Kill La Kill is "a deep analysis of female empowerment"? I mean, sure there's a lot of differences, and I'd say Kill La Kill was written better, but most of the same plot premises are the same.

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Cross Ange takes place in a fictional utopian world whereby all of humanity is safe and secure, the reason being that the power of mana has made their lives incredibly easy. Ange is the princess of the Empire of Mitsurugi, loved by all, incredibly beautiful, the whole bit.